While every door in your home is designed with durability in mind, some doors will need special care and regular maintenance. Doors you should keep an eye on are your screen door and your glass shower door. Your screen door may be showing signs of age, or your glass shower door may have seen better days. Should you repair or replace these types of doors? Knowing which option is best for your needs lies in how severe the problems really are.

Screen doors

If your screen door shuts and secures without issue but has a torn screen, then a simple repair or replacement from the screen is all you need. Since screen replacement is so cheap, it's usually better to remove the whole screen rather than patch a single tear. If the frame of this lightweight door is bent, loose, or otherwise breaking, however, replacing the entire frame may be your best option. If you have a window on your screen door that is also broken or jammed, buying a whole new screen door is usually your most cost-effective option, unless you can find a plastic alternative to traditional glass that can be installed cheaply.

Glass shower doors

Most glass shower doors don't have many issues beyond a cracked or loose seal. This is a simple repair where only the seals need to be cleaned or replaced with newer pieces. If you have cracked or chipped glass, then you will likely want the glass panes replaced since filling in chips and cracks will still be noticeable in your doors. Since glass shower doors can be expensive to install and replace, your best option is to repair handles, knobs, hinges and railings as they break rather than spring for a whole new glass shower door.

Getting an estimate

Your glass repairman can give you a rough estimate on the costs to either repair damages to your existing doors or replacement. In many cases, the repairs themselves are not what add up, the cost of labor is. It is usually in your best interest to go with whichever option will require the least amount of work by the repair specialist. A fair company will allow you to compare estimates side-by-side to see whether repair or replacement is better for your needs.

If your screen door isn't closing like it used to or your glass shower door is hanging by a hinge, you need to start thinking about doing some needed repairs or going with a whole new install. Depending on how severe your problems are, replacement may be even cheaper than fixing several smaller issues.

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