If you have a window or door made up of several panes of glass, and one of them shatters, you will want to do some repair so you will be able to use your window or door without having a draft or uninvited insects coming inside your home. It is not difficult to do a small window pane repair job on your own if you have the right tools.

Here are some instructions you can use to do an easy glass window pane replacement in your window or door:

Removing The Old Pane

Before making a replacement you will need to remove the broken pieces of glass from the window frame. Since you will not want to have to clean up shards and slivers on the ground, set a tarp on the side of the opening before trying to remove any glass.

Place some pieces of masking tape across the entire pain length wise or diagonally so that when you start prying shards out, the rest of the pieces will not fall to the ground. This will save you from additional clean up time. Put on a pair of thick gloves and physically remove each shard by hand to dispose of in a recycling bin.

If you have trouble removing pieces that are still in tact in the frame, use the handle of a hammer to tap upon the glass so it will loosen from the putty holding it in place. Pliers can be used for pieces that are not able to be pried out by hand. After the old glass is removed, clean the surface of the frame with a mild detergent and a clean cloth. Apply a coating of wood primer to any unfinished wood surface.

Installing New Glass

After the old glass is removed, measure the frame so you will know what size glass to purchase from a glass store or hardware store. Carefully place the new pane inside the framed-in area and use putty to adhere it into place.

Window putty is placed by kneading it into pencil-width sized pieces and using a putty knife to spread it over the edges of the glass so it stays in place inside the window frame. It will need to be applied to both sides of the glass and given time to harden. Afterwards, repaint the wood area around the pane. Any excess putty can be removed with a razor blade.

If you have more questions, contact a window repair specialist for more information and help.