When a glass window in your home breaks, it is important to have it fixed as soon as possible. Not only does your broken window compromise your safety, it can also affect the efficiency of your heating and cooling. Before you get a glass repair specialist on the phone, ask yourself a few basic questions about the broken window.

How Big Is The Window?

How large your window is will be important to know if you are looking to have same day repair service done. While the exact size of your window is not necessary, the repair company will need to know an approximate size so that they can take a bigger piece of glass with them to your home. If you give them the wrong size, they will have to make a second trip to get a bigger piece of glass.

You will need to measure the width and height of the window of the visible glass surface within the window frame. Be careful when taking measurements, as there is most likely broken glass on the ground beneath the window!

Double or Single-pane Glass?

If the window has single-pane glass, it is an easy repair that can be done very quickly. Double-pane glass is a bit more complicated to repair. It will require a custom made piece of glass, and it may take a few days to have that done.

Not sure if the glass is double or single-pane? The best way to find out is to check around the window edge where the glass goes into the frame. If you see a spacer, usually under ¾ inch in width, it is definitely a sign that you have double-pane glass.

Are Both Panes Of Glass Broken?

If both of the glass panes have been broken, you will need to temporarily board up your window. You can do so by taking two pieces of wood that are slightly bigger than the size of your window, and place bolts through both pieces near the four corners. Make sure the nuts that tighten the bolts are on the inside of the house.

The bolts will prevent the wood from shifting, but still provide security to stop somebody from getting into your home without putting in some serious effort. You can tape plastic wrap around the wood on the inside of the house to keep your home insulated.

By asking yourself these 3 questions, you will be taking the necessary steps to repair your broken window. If you need additional help, be sure to contact a company like Sarnia Glass & Aluminum Products Ltd.